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Meet Gaming Youtuber , Actor & Entrepreneur: Altin Bodini

Being a successful actor is no easy task, especially in a world filled with tons of actors. You have to work extra hard and rely on not just talent to be identified as one of the best.

Well, Altin Bodini makes it look so easy! Not only is he popularly known for starring in many big Albanian movies, he’s also an entrepreneur, producer, influencer and gaming Youtuber. So how then has one man managed to be extremely good at so many things? Let’s find out.

Born in Kukes, Altin Bodini found his passion for acting at a very young age and decided to follow up on it. In 2015 he got his big break and was given the opportunity to star in his first ever film. From there, it was onto bigger things for Altin, as he began to be part of even bigger Albanian movies. Altin Bodini was so good at what he did, that in 2016 he became part of the TV series Fuoco amico, and has starred in countless Albanian hits since then.

Asides’ being an incredible actor, Altin also owns one of the leading social media marketing agencies in the world , offering its services to celebrities and page owners around the globe. Having over 6 years of experience under his belt, Altin has helped establish hundreds of brand pages, gaining over 130 million followers for his clients respectively. Having over 1 billion video views per month, and a massive fan base on both Facebook and Instagram, Altin and his team have proven to be the very best at what they do, and they’ve got tons of results and extremely satisfied clients to show for it.

Now, being a successful actor and owning your own company requires a whole lot of work, now imagine adding streaming live on Youtube to the list. Yes! Asides being an entrepreneur and actor, Altin Bodini is also a gaming Youtuber. Being a gaming Youtuber is no easy task, as it requires hours upon hours of streaming and creating good content for fans. And although it may seem really fun and easy, it’s not, for if it were, everyone would do it. Altin has over 7.5 million views in total on his channel, with over 60k subscribers always anticipating his next post. With over 500 videos of himself playing among us, call of duty and other top notch games, Altin has made a name for himself as one of the top Youtube gamers out there.

Altin Bodini is a master at anything he decides to take on. How then does he do it? Well for one, Altin’s linguistic skills are tremendously impressive. He speaks not just English, but also Spanish and Italian fluently, and this is one unique characteristic that helps him stand out. Meaning he can easily relate to, and negotiate with a huge client population. Not just that, Altin is also a natural born leader and takes pride in his ability to lead teams of people, no matter their background or personality. “I can relate to many people because I approach them on their level and get to know them in a way they are most comfortable” says Altin. When also asked what unique attributes he had to offer, Altin Bodini had this to say “I also look forward to bringing with me my broad-minded creativity and strong analytical skills. I think differently than many people within marketing; meaning I allow my creativity to take the lead and then I compare my idea with solid data analysis. This method gives me a very high success rate on marketing campaigns”.

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