Nive & JoDo drop the song of the summer

’s track “Hold Up” most definitely sets the tone for the summer. It’s Great mashup between rap/trap and melodic hip-hop. Very versatile to say the least. JoDo (age 24 from Rochester, NY) starts off the song with an extremely Vibey hook that sets the tone for the entire track that’s flows smoothly into his first verse. What really appealed to me was the smooth transition from melodic hip-hop into rap with Nive’s (age 24 from Charlotte, NC) Verse. Nive maintained an extremely nice up-beat flow the entire time that really makes you want to keep listening. From flow, to delivery to bars Nive killed it on all aspects. The song transitions back into JoDo’s hook and that’s the end of the song. Very creative and upbeat on both parts I think Nive and JoDo make for a great collaboration I’m excited to see what they have in store for future releases you can download their latest single “Hold Up” out now on all major streaming platforms.





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