Footballer Babel Became a $ 30 Million Real Estate Developer Building Low-Cost Apartment Blocks

There are many things that footballers can do with the money they earn. And many (the most famous of which is Leo Messi) decide to take off some whim (custom-built, villain, boat, etc.) and then to invest what they have in long-term projects. Because, as we know, footballers’ careers are short and life, on the other hand, is long.

So Ryan Babel, Galatasaray player and forward of the Dutch national team, has decided to start a 30 million dollar real estate fund whose purpose will be to build 50 blocks with affordable apartments. The houses, according to plans, should be built in the areas near Miami and Amsterdam. His story as an entrepreneur (he also deals with trading and owns a record label) was told by CNN in a recent article which states that “Babel was initially a reluctant investor. He bought his first property at the age of 20 after moving from Ajax to Liverpool in July 2007. After a subsequent move to Germany, his agent and father encouraged him to invest in property, initially buying a house. to rent every quarter “. To these first investments Babel then added the investments in the stock exchange and then the recording activities. “I asked myself – Babel told CNN – what could one day replace my current income on a monthly basis. And this seemed to me a suitable and productive way. Many of my colleagues have the idea that this lifestyle is forever and therefore they spend irresponsibly, they don’t save, they don’t invest, they don’t get information. For them, in this way, life after hanging up their boots could prove to be very hard ”.

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