Dataing Announces Groundbreaking Launch of AI-Powered Dating Platform on Valentine’s Day 2024 with Record Sign-Ups and Zero Downtime

LOS ANGELES Dataing, a pioneering online dating platform using AI and big data, has officially successfuly launched its waitlist on Valentine’s Day 2024. This was one of the most successful product launches ever with 0 app downtime and a plethora of excited sign ups. Tackling the issue of “swipe fatigue” experienced by many users, Dataing aims to redefine the online dating experience. With over 337 million people on dating apps worldwide, a mere 53% report positive experiences, leaving some 178 million people seeking more meaningful connections. Current dating apps often foster superficial interactions, leading to a toxic cycle and increased revenue. Additionally, the prevalence of fake profiles poses a risk to users.

Catering to every type of relationship, whether it’s a casual hookup or coaching users through a years-long romance, Dataing disrupts the norm by employing AI-based big data analytics. Users skip the traditional bio and link their social media accounts to allow Cupid AI to analyze interests and preferences.

This approach fosters genuine connections based on shared interests, goals, and hobbies, moving beyond superficial attraction.

Mark Kilaghbian, Founder and CEO of Dataing, emphasizes, “Our platform sidesteps the pitfalls of contemporary online dating -no swiping, no tedious conversations. We’re here to offer a more authentic and efficient experience using the power of artificial intelligence.”

Dataing’s revenue model is a departure from the conventional. It earns from restaurant reservations, revenue-sharing with users who opt for personalized advertisements, and a small setup fee for virtual reality dates. In a landscape where other apps thrive on user subscription fees, Dataing ensures that users only pay when they choose to elevate their dating experience.

In an industry dominated by paid subscriptions, Dataing stands out as a platform where genuine connection takes precedence over financial transactions. It’s not just a dating app; it’s a paradigm shift in how we approach connection.

Dataing Product Features:

1 – Auto-generated profiles
2 – Advance machine learning analytics to match users
3 – Baked-in bot prevention
4 – Social media insights
5 – Innovative Karma system
6 – Date scheduler (Coming Soon)
7 – VR dating (Coming Soon)

The launch of Dataing marks a significant milestone in the evolution of online dating. By integrating cutting-edge technology, Dataing offers a seamless and engaging experience for users. Its innovative features, such as auto-generated profiles and advanced machine learning analytics, revolutionize the way users discover and connect with potential matches. The inclusion of social media insights enables a deeper understanding of users’ preferences, leading to more meaningful and compatible connections.

Furthermore, Dataing’s proactive approach to bot prevention ensures a safe and authentic environment, addressing one of the major concerns in the online dating industry. The introduction of a Karma system adds an extra layer of interaction, rewarding positive behavior and fostering a respectful community.

As Dataing prepares to roll out its date scheduler and VR dating features, it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of online dating. These upcoming additions promise to enhance the user experience even further, offering innovative ways to connect and interact.

ABOUT Dataing:

Dating is the first-ever AI-powered matchmaking service. Dataing’s goal is to spread as much love as possible and match 1 billion happy couples by leveraging AI technology to create profiles based on digital footprints and generate matches based on digital footprints.
Dataing is different from all other dating apps, such as Tinder. With current dating apps, the top 5% of users get 95% off all the matches generating a skewed marketplace. Current dating apps are physically based preventing authentic connection. Present-day dating apps are incentivized to keep users on the app. Think about this logically, if a user successfully matches, the dating app loses a paying customer. With Dataing the longer a user is on the app, the smarter the matchmaking algorithm becomes, increasing the likelihood of a match.

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