Mariano Di Vaio, from influencer to entrepreneur in e-commerce

“Success for me is a ride on a roller coaster: you have to know how to adapt and enjoy its ups and downs, knowing that sooner or later the race will end”. For Mariano Di Vaio, an Umbrian digital entrepreneur, married to Eleonora Brunacci with whom he had a son, Nathan Leone, another on the way, the race began after a trip to the USA. “It all started very spontaneously”, he says with a smile. “I had decided to fly abroad to learn the language and to study acting in one of the best schools in New York. There I started posting my days on social media, but above all my style and lifestyle. Likes increased, without understanding why, and posts became viral editorial content. Back in Italy, I opened my blog dedicated to the male world with some first branded fashion products “. Then, a real e-commerce, the current Nohow, which sells all over the world.

The rest, as he says, is a pleasant consequence: “Years have passed since my first office in the cellar, to my father’s house and with only one employee. Today we are even building the new company headquarters, because in the current one we are no longer able to manage the spaces “. And the race continues.” Professionally speaking, I live a double life: that of an influencer and that of an entrepreneur For the first time I still have numerous dreams in the drawer to realize, despite the results already brought home, such as the book published by Mondadori or my song which has reached the top ten in over 30 countries. The second business as a young entrepreneur, on the other hand, is growing month by month. We are a young and creative company: in May we launched the new Mariano Di Vaio collection brand, finally creating a complete SS18 (spring summer, spring summer ed) collection, which can be purchased online on the new website “.

But Mariano’s interests seem truly boundless: “I like painting and above all practicing sports: I love snowboarding, surfing, golf, motocross and at home I train regularly in the gym. I also like to read the stories of people like me who started from scratch: like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, but also television icons like Oprah Winfrey “. In short, parables that convey a precise teaching, an entrepreneurial spirit, which Mariano summarizes as follows: “The only trump card is being able to be unique and work hard for your project. You have to take risks and leave your comfort zone”.

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