Mo Kumarsi
Mo Kumarsi

From High School Dropout to Business Owner: Mo Kumarsi’s Determination

Mo Kumarsi is a name synonymous with determination, perseverance and hard work. Born on March 10th, 1980, Mo quickly learned that success was not something that could be handed to him. As a high school dropout, he faced an uphill battle from the start. However, he refused to let his lack of formal education hold him back. Through sheer grit, determination, and an unwavering belief in himself, Mo has achieved his goals and reached unparalleled heights of success.

Early Struggles and Spiritual Awakening

Mo Kumarsi’s early life was marked by shyness and social anxiety. He found it difficult to look people in the eye and struggled to build meaningful relationships. These struggles were compounded by his decision to drop out of high school without finishing. However, as he grew older, he realized the need to change his life circumstances. He invested heavily in his own development, spending over $100,000 on seminars and speeches, and quickly realized the power of mindset.

It was at a Tony Robbins seminar that Mo had a chance encounter with a spiritual mentor who was to change his life forever. His mentor helped him find faith, eliminate his self-doubt, and overcome his addiction problems. With hard work, faith, and determination, Mo was able to overcome his early struggles and forge a path towards success.

Business Ventures and Financial Success

Mo’s entrepreneurial journey began with direct sales companies, where he found his niche. Within a few years, he was making billions in sales figures, an impressive feat for anyone, let alone someone with his background. Among his noteworthy accomplishments include his role as a top promoter for direct sales company ‘OrganoGold’ roughly 13-14 years ago, being a CEO of Rev3al, and guiding several cryptocurrency companies to success.

Not content with building his own businesses, Mo also takes great pride in mentoring others towards their own financial independence. He has mentored over 25 people to financial freedom and has had hundreds of thousands of people on his sales teams. His passion for helping others succeed is an integral part of his success story.

Impactful Mentorship and Community Involvement

Mo’s mentorship extends beyond the boardroom. He is an active member of his community and dedicates much of his time to helping others. He is deeply involved in his church and mentors youth regularly through the big brother program. Giving back to his community and making a real difference in people’s lives is a key part of Mo’s legacy.

Apart from mentoring youth, community involvement in other ways is also a crucial part of Mo’s contribution. He has owned a top 3 provincial cleaning business “Cleaning with Love” and chain of laundromats. His business ventures are a testament to his commitment to his community, by not only providing ethical and sustainable services that people can trust and rely on, but also providing a helping hand to his staff, who have grown and thrived alongside his businesses.


Mo Kumarsi’s journey from high school dropout to business owner is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and belief in oneself. His life story is a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. With his incredible achievements in direct sales, business ownership, and community involvement, Mo Kumarsi has proven that anything is possible with determination and dedication.