Bryce Mathis with business associates
Bryce Mathis with business associates

The Power of Doing Good: The Inspiring Story of Bryce Mathis

In a world where greed is often associated with business success, there are individuals like Bryce Mathis who prove that doing good for others can lead to true success. An entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable success in his career, Mathis spends more time giving back to the world than most entrepreneurs do on their own businesses.

A Strong Foundation

Mathis’ journey began after graduating from Wayne Academy in 2012 when he joined the Air National Guard. As a patriot who deeply values his country, he started his professional life serving the greater good. After leaving the Air National Guard, he ventured into wholesaling industrial products and then moved on to sand logistics before founding Endless Holdings Inc. The company has verticals in energy, agriculture, media, e-sports, construction, and payment processing and is described by Mathis as “Future focused and planet forward.”

Bryce Mathis spent a while in the Mississippi Air National Guard

Giving Back

While Mathis’ companies are generally focused on providing value and improving the world, it’s his various non-profit and charity ventures that truly impress. His organizations include PureFree, The Good Project, The Oil and Gas Workers Association, and his work at his church.

PureFree is a foundation with the goal of providing clean water to everyone on Earth. Their main focus has been on providing clean water to areas of the United States where it’s less available.

Mathis also understands that giving back in ways that improve people’s emotional health is equally important. This weekend he will be handing out plaques of fallen soldiers to their families in Fort Lauderdale as part of an event put on by The Til Valhalla Project. He’s attending on behalf of The Good Project which has a broader focus on giving homeless and addicted people a chance for a new life.

While Mathis has a vision to do good globally, he focuses heavily on doing good within his own country through his work with The Oil and Gas Workers Association (OGWA). Representing Oil and Gas workers in politics, OGWA lobbies to protect jobs for those who don’t have the power to do so alone.

Humble Beginnings

Bryce Mathis is known for being humble by nature – not one to publicize all the good he does in the world. However, when we learned about all he did we knew that his story needed telling.

As young entrepreneurs venture into business today they should remember there’s more to life than just themselves; true success comes from making a real impact by seeing positive change happen in other people’s lives.

The inspiring story of Bryce Mathis shows us how doing good can lead us towards fulfilling our dreams while making our world a better place at the same time.