How Artem and Ekaterina Syzdykov danced through pain to success

By blending mechanical engineering and mental training Artem Syzdykov has developed a unique method of dance coaching. However, his professional journey wasn’t a guaranteed trajectory until he crossed paths with his partner Ekaterina. 

As a student of mechanical engineering, Artem was passionate about dance. One day when his previous partner failed to appear, he ended up practicing with Ekaterina. They were only 19 at the time. 

Their sessions became frequent, eventually leading to marriage and triumphs at major competitions. It wasn’t merely the way the couple moved or the ambiance that propelled them. Their spirit and deeply shared connection as partners drove them to new heights.

“The first local tournament we won was special for us as a couple,” Artem said. “Katya’s Dad stood behind the camera, capturing our every move. As the announcement rang out declaring our victory, our coach leaped with joy, a moment that will forever stay in my memory.”

The world’s most prestigious championship, Blackpool, became a monumental milestone in the Syzdykovs’ journey. 

“This was our debut in the grandest championship of them all,” Artem said. “We dared to try our luck amidst 400 couples, the crème de la crème of the dance world, and we succeeded in breaking into the top 50.”

The couple’s first taste of victory on American soil came later, in Florida. This triumph, however, was tinged with adversity. Ekaterina had a painful injury – a broken toe but she decided to perform despite the pain. After the victorious dance, she had to undergo months of arduous rehabilitation. 

The repetitive nature of dance movements and the requirement for precise alignment can put strain on muscles and joints over time, leading to chronic pain or overuse injuries. 

“Dancers frequently push themselves to the limit, striving for perfection in technique, and this intense physical training can lead to muscle soreness, joint stiffness, and even knee injuries,” Artem said. “As coaches, it’s our job to be there for them. My partner and I have personally navigated through these hurdles; it’s all part of the journey towards mastery.”

Artem’s engineering mindset paved the way for a systematic approach to coaching dancers. His method prioritizes personalization, tailored to each dancer’s aspirations and hurdles. 

Preparing for a competition demands meticulous planning and attention to detail. Artem’s coaching seeks to enhance his student’s technical refinement, overall performance, and mental resilience. 

The true power of Artem’s approach is that it transcends physical prowess and addresses mental well-being. Many of his students turn to dance as a coping mechanism for depression, loneliness, or weight management. Artem helps his students to reach their goals while safeguarding their physical well-being.

The magic of Artem’s dance system is the fusion of engineering precision and artistic expression that unlocks dancers’ potential to shine on stage. 

“Dancers build their skills through relentless practice,” he said. “And if you haven’t really nailed down a move, when you’re in the heat of competition it just won’t come out the way you want it.”

Artem’s students’ triumphs at premier world championships, such as the International Grand Ball and California Star Ball, illustrate the efficacy of his approach.