We met up with Ursula Maria in Los Angeles to talk about life, acting and more!

Hey Ursula, thanks for meeting up with me. What do you say, how did the acting business change because of the pandemic?

Hey! Well, let’s see, for a while there were no auditions whatsoever. The industry was shut down completely. Now, they are slowly coming back but it’s all self tapes now. For shoots, they do daily covid tests and you have to wear masks and keep your distance from others on set. 

Interesting. What are some things you have worked on recently? 

I’ve had the chance to work with plenty of outstanding talent recently, including Willie Gault, Affion Crockett, Jessica Moore, Tommy Davidson, Julian Jackson and Stacy Lyles and many, many more. I have been flown to Nevada to work on a film that highlights the accomplishments of phenomenal women throughout history and I have been shooting videos for a big athletic brand, but I am not allowed to talk about that. 

Awesome! What about the coming year, anything happening that you are excited about?

Yes! I am excited to start working on new projects that I have lined up. One is a futuristic feature film that already has some great talent attached. I’ll get to play the villain which is something I look forward to a lot. I’m looking forward to be back on set and surrounded by great people. 

Exciting! What has so far been the most rewarding part of being in the entertainment industry?

I’ve met so many amazing and extremely talented people, and every time I am on a set I am surrounded by creatives. I really enjoy that. It’s also extremely rewarding to finish a project and see it being screened. So much work goes into making a movie or a show and it’s lovely to see it all come together in the end. 

What are some challenges of being an actress?

Auditions can come in at any time, and sometimes they are due immediately so you have to drop everything and start preparing. Many times, you will spend a lot of time and energy on an audition and it won’t lead to a booking. That’s part of the deal. As far as shoots go, days can be very long starting super early and finishing late. Some days are busy, others are not. No week is the same. But it’s all worth it! 

Sounds difficult. What’s something to remember when pursuing a career in entertainment? 

It’s important to remember that everyone’s path is unique and to enjoy life while chasing your goals. Comparison leads to unhappiness. Unfortunately, I know that very well.

That’s some great advice! Thanks for the chat! 


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