Navigating the Hollywood Strike: Life Coach Emily Taradash Offers Three Valuable Tips for Creatives to Manifest Business and Abundance

Navigating the Hollywood Strike: Life Coach Emily Taradash Offers Three Valuable Tips for Creatives to Manifest Business and Abundance

Does the Hollywood strike have your on-screen dreams burned to a crisp? Still want to express yourself without being a scab?

Life coach and comedian Emily Taradash will help you stay creative and abundant throughout the strike—even if you feel burned out. 

If you’ve been working as an actor since before the pandemic, you know how to surf through inconsistent income, even when there isn’t a strike going on. But right now, it may seem like screaming into the void more than ever, peppered with AI angst. 

Don’t despair: Emily knows all about flipping the script when nothing seems to be going your way. She spent the better part of her early career working in theater, chasing the dream of being a professional costume designer and occasionally performing along the way. A rare Rhode Islander with a case of Wanderlust, her theatrical work brought her to NYC, up and down the East Coast, California and Canada. 

But something was missing. All of the striving just made her feel tired and burned out opposed to grateful. She knew she needed a change, but she wasn’t quite sure what; all she knew for sure was that it was time for her to claim her own path.

Here’s are some suggestions from Emily on how you can do the same:

  1. Experiment like a scientist. 

Artists and Creatives know about play and experimentation, but sometimes our emotions get caught up in the results. But so often performing, be it live or on camera, is more about experimentation and repetition. It can be more scientific, giving your emotions a rest and making space for curiosity. Take this practice and apply it to your life where you’d like to see new growth. You may notice that you have more energy for the things you truly care about. 

  1. Focus on what’s working. 

Even when life seems to be coming apart at the seams, something is always working out– focus on that. If you’re on strike, what’s being called into focus? What is being given space to breathe? So often we can dwell on the negatives, the lack, the resistance, but find kindness in the present moment and love it up. 

  1. Rest deeply.

We cannot continue to do anything in life without rest. When we over-do it for too long, that’s when we see massive burnout, anxiety, depression and a general hopelessness that can’t support healthy outcomes. Rest in order to receive. 

If you’re looking at your empty schedule with a huge sense of dread, you may want to consider joining a new group of people to help build and support your dreams through this challenging time. 

The power of a group of like-minded, honest individuals is deeply healing. On Zoom, we have the capacity to connect with people all over the world. We can share in compassion and lift one another up instead of crushing people’s spirits. In a world where trust is running thin in our fellow man, Emily has done the work to heal herself, and makes space for you to heal yourself too. 

She is proudly announcing the launch of her group coaching program, Women in Creative Action, a 6-month transformational journey to shifting your life and align with your dreams. 

The group is for ambitious women who are done abandoning their own dreams and creative aspirations. This group meets weekly to focus on resetting mindset, share spiritual practices for modern women, focusing on each participant’s goals and true desires. 

The group dynamic helps shift members from default survival mode to thoughtful abundance. At the end of the journey, Emily’s clients walk away with more confidence, a clearer plan for the life that they love and many tools for continuing along their journeys—be it finding a new partner, job or creative self expression, Emily wants to see you win. 

She adds, “What is a life that lets our doubts run rampant? I had to stop waiting to be saved and decided that I was going to do for myself what no one else could do for me. I was going to love myself and shine my light, to speak my truth, rest deeply and help other people build their dreams and joy.” 

Emily brings her special sauce by infusing her life coaching with comedy and laughter, and we admire her for maintaining such a positive outlook amidst challenging times. 

To learn more about Emily and her program, visit her website.