How Raffaello Perrini overcame confusion in life to succeed

Raffaello Perrini arrived at a crossroads in his life at the age of 23. But after embarking on the next chapter of his life when he entered the world of digital entrepreneurship, he has never looked back. We hear from him about the key to his success and what keeps him motivated.

Advice for success

Only listen to those who have already achieved the results that you want.

That is the powerful advice that Raffaello Perrini has for young entrepreneurs or anybody who wants to emerge in the digital entrepreneurship industry.

He also urges people to not be afraid of something new because what is new creates opportunity, while something that everyone knows cannot be an opportunity.

Raffaello, known as Raffo, also believes the online world must be an integral part of anyone’s financial realization.

Raffo’s personal company is actually himself. The story of his company is actually his story, as today’s world of digital entrepreneurship allows you to be able to ‘create companies, without having companies’.

However, he had no idea what this world was about until two years ago. He was an economics student, doing a master’s degree in Valencia and making a living being a professional athlete in the sport of sailing.

But at the age of 23 he faced much confusion. It was time to choose his job and decide whether to live off sports or live off work.

To make matters worse, coronavirus arrived in the world which resulted in much uncertainty.

Vision to revolutionize industry

As Raffo reached out to others for valuable advice, friends who were already in the working world did not reassure him and he was extremely intimidated by what was going to happen.

But then came his greatest fortune when he met people who already had a great vision of what their group should be, a group which he feels an integral part of today.

The story actually starts with a group of guys who wanted to revolutionize the online industry, which in Italy had very high barriers to entry for young people, given by big ‘gurus’ who sold training at very high costs.

The idea, at the end of 2019, was to be able to introduce in this industry a reality where the training and the simple understanding of more was not a constraint for young people.

They vowed to create a community that would allow everyone to train, investing only on the form of business that together they were going to develop, namely that of network marketing.

Today, after a year, the vision has turned into one of the largest realities in Italy related to personal growth and affirmation in the world of digital entrepreneurship.

Daily motivation

But despite his huge levels of success, Raffo continues to strive for more.

In 10 years when he will be 34 years old, he sees himself as being liked by many, with a happy family and much wealthier than now.

Raffo likes to see himself as being wealthy not only financially, but mostly at the level of experiences that he has had and the number of people he has met. In 10 years, he wants to have shaken hands with more than 100,000 new people.

He also hopes to buy a large villa with sea view where he would like to live with his family.

Furthermore, he wants to enable his parents to retire from their current job within the next two years and buy a racing boat with which to compete, with sailing being a huge passion of his.

Without a doubt, behind any successful individual is a solid routine. Raffo usually wakes up at around 7.30/8 before carrying out physical training. That is followed by 15 minutes of meditation, a hearty breakfast and then work.

When he is free, he tries to spend as much time as possible with his girlfriend or spend time with his closest co-workers. And when it comes to the evening, he usually falls asleep reading books.

Meanwhile, what keeps him motivated is the fact of knowing that there is always someone much stronger than him in what he does.

While Raffo’s goals may seem daunting and unachievable for most people, he is not most people. He is built differently with a remarkable mindset. And with his talent, dedication and work ethic, he has every chance of turning his dreams into a reality.

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