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In One Year, Artie’s Express Has Become a Leader

According to a recent study, 84,000,000 adults consume fast food every day. The majority of Americans consume fast food every day, regardless of their preferences or convenience. The business and operational aspects of quick-service restaurants are often overlooked by consumers.

Fast food is booming.  There are more than 180,000 fast food outlets in the US alone, and analysts predict that number will continue to grow. As fast food demand increases, competition increases. It is essential in this competitive environment to have a clear vision and a track record of delivering on that vision. A passion for what you do and a drive for what you do are essential. You must keep your customers happy and provide them with a great experience in order to stay in business. True dedication is another key ingredient. Fast food restaurants face many obstacles. To succeed in business, you must bounce back from setbacks and move forward.

Menu Items from Artie's Express

Menu items from Artie’s Express

Quick dining options are diverse

Fast food restaurants are often associated with golden arches, french fries, and taco runs after hours. However, quick dining restaurants differ from one another. Fast-food owners are often hardworking, family-oriented individuals who are anything but corporate stereotypes. 

Artie’s Express opened in Yerevan, Armenia, in 2009. Tourists and locals alike enjoy it in the Glendale Galleria’s food court. The hotel’s restaurants serve shawarmas, fried chicken, and fruit drinks. By early 2023, Artie’s Express plans to open four more US locations.  Artavazd Galstyan, owner of Artie’s Express, emphasizes quality and dedication.

Customer Feedback: Why It’s Important

In Arties Express, owner Artavazd Galstyan says, “We succeed by serving high-quality food and keeping our customers 100% satisfied.”.

Artavazd values customer feedback highly. A high-quality meal requires customer feedback and consideration. As a result of their commitment to quality and customer service, they have enjoyed rapid success and popularity.

According to one review, “Arties Express is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten at.”. I get fresh chicken that is not fried since I am a Type 2 diabetic. It was their pleasure to make me a special plate of only chicken with a side of sauce. It was delicious, and I will definitely return. Their workers are generous and will go out of their way to satisfy their customers. To all those that want to eat healthily, definitely go for the fresh chicken. It is juicy and full of flavor. I can’t wait to come again!”

 Another says: ​​” Very lovely restaurant and tasty food. I would recommend this to my family and friends. Thank you for being so kind, and you will for sure see me here again.” 

Arties Express’s food and service are both rated highly by customers. Artie’s Express is known for its commitment to quality and customer service. Everything Arties Express does is based on customer feedback.


Small businesses can thrive while remaining unique with Artie’s Express

How can small businesses learn from this humble express dining business in Glendale, California? Artie’s Express stands out among fast food restaurants. They remain committed to their customers despite their rapid success. He reads everything people say about their dining experiences.

A freshly wrapped shawarma from Artie's ExpressA freshly wrapped shawarma from Artie’s Express

Their Armenian roots and personal experience with Mediterranean cuisine allow them to provide people with a unique Mediterranean cuisine. It doesn’t matter where a business starts, passion and dedication to customer service are essential to success. It is without a doubt that Artie’s Express is a perfect example of this. Their rapid success is a result of their commitment to quality food and a memorable dining experience. Attendees, locals, and mall employees all love them. 

Where you start may be big or small, but the dedication to the present and future vision is what truly matters. Your customers define you, and without them, you have nothing.

The success and expansion of Artie’s Express will always depend on honest feedback from customers and the highest quality of food. You can find out more about Artie’s Express by visiting their website, or by visiting them at the Glendale Galleria at 1144 Galleria Way, Glendale, CA 91210. Follow them on Instagram @artiesexpress.

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