Kristina’s Saelee’s Silver Lining Now Benefits Family Life and the Future of Children.

A silver lining in the midst of a raging life storm: Kristina created “empowered parenting.” The goals of this firm include offering correct parenting assistance, providing parenting tools, teaching constructive discipline, and coaching parents.

Kristina Saelee, Empowered Parenting, LLC is the mother of five wonderful children who are. For over ten years, she has worked as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and coach. Holding a BS in Youth Development. As a Behavior Specialist and Therapist, she has worked with children who have ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism spectrum disorder, trauma, and behavioural issues. Along side their families which tend to be the direct people affected.

Kristina’s story started when she became a mum and discovered she found herself in need of many tools to do better.  With everything. Kristina, desperate for some assistance, studied all she could and joined several online parenting advice forums, only to be overwhelmed by the contradicting information.She greatly needed parenting techniques when her eldest was 16 years old. Everything that worked when he was younger no longer worked! 

Although she felt secure in my parenting abilities when her children were small, her adolescent years threw her into captivity. That’s when she discovered positive discipline. She didn’t know how much she needed it until she found out about it. She felt she was a wonderful mother until she discovered how much better she might have been. She then begun her path towards parent coaching. She feels that parents must be optimistic in order to influence their children to be positive.

One of the most important skills Kristina has learnt is the solid and proven approach to quit shouting and have more peace and pleasure parenting, which is something many people struggle with.

Kristina Saelee’s life values brewed from her adolescence which was filled with challenges, yet she never gives up hope. Instead, she raised her head and embarked on a quest to educate and assist parents in raising their children. She always put the community, her family, and her mental health issue first, which is beyond admirable.

Kristina has worked with hundreds of families and their children as a trained sleep consultant since 2014. She earned her sleep coaching certification from The Family Sleep Institute after completing 80+ hours of newborn and toddler sleep research, as well as her behavioural coaching certification from The Early Years.

The future vision of a mother: Kristina has learnt a lot in the last 10 years. In these years, she has fought hard to overcome traumas and sadness, ensuring a bright future for myself and my children. She is still looking forwards to more success and missions in the future. She wants her company to develop to the point where it can help children all across the globe. She wants to build a name for herself and leave a legacy via her company.

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