Jowy Cenat on his Inspiration: Kevin Gates

Hailing from Queens, New York City, Jowy Cenat has burst onto the music and business scenes during the Coronavirus Lockdown. He is now a published author and is helping people to succeed in the world of modern, digital marketing. He sat down with us to discuss someone who has inspired him greatly: rapper and music artist Kevin Gates, and how much of an impact he’s had on Cenat’s life.

Cenat makes it clear that he admires the hardiness and resilient attitude of Kevin Gates. Gates was born in 1986 to a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father, the family moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana shortly after he was born. His early life was full of adversity as he was arrested aged only thirteen and then only a year later his father died from AIDS related complications. Gates would overcome these hardships and mould a career in the rap industry throughout the mid-2000s, but in 2015 he was convicted of the assault of a fan, and then in 2017 he was convicted of gun charges.

It is these recurring downfalls and obstacles that offer inspiration to Cenat; he describes his admiration of Gates by saying “He is someone who has been through a lot and still uses his platform to thank God for all of his blessings and he talks about the best sense of joy doesn’t come from worldly possessions or money, it starts from within one’s self.” As Cenat alludes to in that quote, Gates is a practicing Muslim and travelled to Mecca for Haji in 2016. Gates’ faith and inner peace, in spite of the great adversity in his life is an obvious influence on Cenat, who emphasised the importance of health, peace and family ties in our interview.

Cenat also told us that Gates is the author of his favourite quote of all time. “Anything lost, can be found again, except for time wasted. A vision without action is merely a dream. Action: it’s the grind, it’s the hustle, it’s the persistence.” This hardworking mentality is omnipresent in Cenat’s life. He wakes up at 7am and exercises until 8:30am, as well as practising and refining his piano playing for two hours.

Perhaps the clearest practical example of Cenat taking inspiration from Gates is his work during the coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning of the lockdown, Cenat used his initiative and was one of the earliest innovators and pioneers of the sudden shift towards a totally digital means of work and communication. He has been honing his craft and learning everything there is to know about being a musician, as well as utilising his social media presence, especially on YouTube, to offer advice to the younger generation of aspiring entrepreneurs and college students, all of this experience he gained during the lockdown culminated in his new book.

It’s clearly correct to say that Jowy Cenat has taken a lot of inspiration from Kevin Gates, in many aspects of his life. Whether it’s in his professional life where he channels the hardworking nature of the rapper, or in his personal life where he places a great emphasis on his family and his close personal bond with them. Cenat hopes that he can have the musical success of his inspiration too, and with any luck he’ll achieve this without having to go through the same personal and legal turmoil as his idol. But looking at his tightly regimented daily schedule and his ability to find joy in things all around him, success is almost a sure thing for the young pianist.

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