Meet Alux Brands Ceo, Charlie McCoy, New York’s High Priest of Hair Care

Charlie McCoy is a investor, serial entrepreneur and men’s grooming expert, with over 20 years of barber and beauty industry experience. He spent 5 years working with the L’Oréal USA parent company at Kiehl’s Since 1851, has a Babson education and is the founder and CEO of Artisan Luxury Brands, a cpg parent company and creative agency based in New York City.

When Charlie McCoy first arrived in NYC over 15 years ago, he didn’t expect to embark on a journey that would lead him to where he is today. In 2005, McCoy was a Jehovah’s witness who relocated from Oklahoma City so that he could work at the Watchtower in New York, which is the sect’s global headquarters.

Charlie was raised by a devout mother who strongly believed in its teachings, especially the one that emphasized how to be a good person in the world. Charlie’s neighborhood in OKC was dangerous so he’s knows how to handle him self and spending the 15 years in NY has given him a home grown position in the market place as he’s been able to built a list of client’s that include Ceo’s, Celebrities, Pro Athlete’s and Musicians.

Eventually, Charlie would end up leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses. That was five years ago, and since it is customary to shun anyone who leaves the sect, Charlie has had the motivation to do the impossible. Thankfully, he was able to fall back on the skills he already possessed, such as being a barber, as well as his connections and natural charisma. This trifecta led him down a path of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Over the past four years, Charlie has opened up two brick-and-mortar businesses in Manhattan and begun a venture into eCommerce with his latest brand, Duke & Hyde, which he acquired from Europe. Besides running a barbershop called Artisan Barber and a salon named Orchard & Ludlow, Charlie has been hard at work on his new business venture, The Grooming Alchemist. This business serves as a space to provide lifestyle advice to former Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

It sure does appear as if Charlie McCoy( IG@artisan.3000) is a multifaceted man who was able to adapt after leaving his faith, thriving in a completely different world than the one he was raised in. Charlie’s company reflects his own personal traits, which include overcoming adversity and being able to achieve success with anything he places his focus on.

His two brick-and-mortar businesses have not only survived the pandemic-related economic fallout, but they have been thriving. The product lines of these businesses include cruelty-free products. Also, these barbershops and salons cater to their clients’ needs and wants in a way that provides a truly unique experience.

Looking forward, Charlie wants to expand beyond NYC. He’s already managed to expand into a e-commerce powerhouse, but eventually he plans to have salons and barbershops across the US wholesale his brands products. Charlie wants others to know that anything is possible, as long as you apply yourself and recognize the immense opportunities that exist for you.

You can head over to Artisan Luxury Brands to learn more about Charlie and his thriving businesses.

Website (http://www.artisanluxurybrands.com/)
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/artisan.3000/

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