Korynn Newville: Shaping a New Narrative Through Architecture and Artistry

Find out Korynn Newville’s Creative Journey from Architectural Designer to Author.

Korynn Newville, an accomplished architectural designer and artist, has taken the literary world by storm with her remarkable book, “Indiscernible Elements: Calcium.” Probing into the interconnectedness of our world through the lens of calcium, Korynn’s work offers a fresh perspective that challenges conventional thinking. But how did she embark on this transformative writing journey?

Korynn’s passion for both art and the environment has been a driving force throughout her career. With a Master of Architecture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Bachelor of Design from the University of Minnesota, she possesses a solid educational foundation in both the creative and technical aspects of design.

As an architectural designer, Korynn has been actively involved in projects that prioritize sustainability and innovation. Her commitment to sustainable building practices and the environment shines through in her professional work. But it was her drawings and deep connection with the natural world that led her to put pen to paper and share her unique perspective with the world.

Indiscernible Elements: Calcium” is drawn from Korynn’s architectural thesis work on the need for architecture to engage with the concepts of living and dying. She realized that a shift in perspective was necessary, prompting her to explore the world from a broader, more interconnected viewpoint. This realization ignited her desire to convey her ideas through writing, resulting in the creation of her captivating book.

Korynn Newville’s journey of writing “Indiscernible Elements: Calcium” was a deeply personal and introspective process. She drew inspiration from her architectural background, combining it with her passion for the environment and the art of drawing. This fusion of disciplines allowed her to present complex ideas in a visually captivating and accessible manner.

The book’s exploration of calcium as a unifying element in our lives and the built environment highlights Newville’s ability to think beyond traditional boundaries. By examining the life and death cycles of calcium molecules, she challenges readers to reconsider their relationship with the world around them and to perceive the interconnectedness that exists.

Through her meticulous illustrations, poetry, and dialogue, Newville masterfully weaves a narrative that ignites curiosity and invites reflection. Her artistic expression becomes a powerful vehicle for sharing her vision, prompting readers to question their role in shaping the future of architecture and the environment.

Newville’s “Indiscernible Elements: Calcium” not only sheds light on the hidden connections between nature, architecture, and human existence but also serves as a catalyst for change. Her thought-provoking storytelling and advocacy for sustainability inspire readers to become active participants in creating a more harmonious and regenerative world.

With “Indiscernible Elements: Calcium,” Korynn Newville has successfully bridged the gap between her architectural expertise and her passion for the environment, art, and writing. Her innovative approach challenges readers to rethink established paradigms, encouraging a deeper understanding of our interconnected world.

As an author, Newville continues to explore new avenues and perspectives. With her artistic voice, she hopes to create a series of books that delve into the various elements that shape our world, broadening our understanding and inspiring us to envision a future that embraces the intricate interconnectedness of all things.

Korynn Newville’s journey from architectural designer to author exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary thinking and the ability to bring together diverse fields of knowledge. Her book, “Indiscernible Elements: Calcium,” offers readers a profound exploration of the interconnectedness of our world, fueled by her passion for the environment, artistry, and a fresh perspective on architecture. Through her writing, Newville encourages us to challenge conventional thinking, embrace sustainability, and reimagine our place within the intricate tapestry of life.

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