Love Island Stars Among Magni Skin’s Impressive Clientele

Magni Skin is dedicated to pulling out all of the stops for its customers. Since launching, it has acquired an impressive clientele. Here we find out about the famous faces on the company’s clientele list.

High-profile clients

Countless individuals have enjoyed the impressive services delivered by Magni Skin since it launched back in 2019.

Magni Skin’s clinic delivers the most effective, much sought-after treatments in a calm, tranquility setting and inimitable results have earned a long list of loyal clients, from bloggers, to reality TV stars and facial obsessives everywhere.

The clientele of the business, which is filled with a range of famous names, speaks for itself.

Influencer Lemy Beauty had a laser hair removal, Janet Joshua – who is Anthony Joshuas’ sister – had a facial, Love Island’s Arabella Chi had a facial and BBL, Love Island’s Francesca Allen had a BBL and double chin reduction, music artist Baby Gee had a facial, influencer Sasha Pereira had a BBL, Love Island’s Ellie Jones had a BBL, influencer Its Bee had a bumcial, BBL, laser hair removal and EmSculpt and Love Island’s Elma Pazar had a BBL.

But regardless of who walks through the doors, the service is always the same: stunning and carried out to perfection.

Sisters on a mission

Magni Skin was established in the summer 2019 and is now the ultimate destination for those pursuing the perfect skin.

It was launched by sisters Pinar and Songul, who are passionate in what they do and are working to build a global brand.

While that may seem like a daunting vision for most people, Pinar and Songul are not most people. They have an unshakeable desire to both serve their clients and ensure their business continues to prosper.

The majority of people spend most of their lives searching for their passion – with some unfortunately not being able to do so.

But that is not the case for the sisters, who have not only found their passion but are well and truly thriving at it.

International vision

The dreams of the sisters were always based on becoming international entrepreneurs. 

They have always kept up with the latest trends and their main goal is to help empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin – in order to do this, they built their own salon which includes all the latest technology in the industry to offer the best service for their clients.

Of course, the sisters have to compete with many companies in their industry. But Magni Skin truly is unique, with its impressive attributes setting it apart from the rest.

The Magni Skin team work their facial and body enhancement magic to help tackle the needs of clients in the most desirable form, while travelling across the globe to offer a new era of facial and body technology, as well as hand-on skills.

Pinar and Songul would describe Magni Skin as inimitable, empowering and magnificent. 

But while much has already been achieved in the journey of the business so far, there is much more to come in the future.


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