SafeBTC towards mass adoption with its upcoming addition to CoinPayments

The rise of cryptocurrencies has opened up opportunities to gain wealth like never before. Individuals have been trying their luck and investing in promising projects as they aim to secure massive returns. Of course, Bitcoin is at the top of the chain and has sent shock-waves around the world in the past decade. However, away from the big names are many exciting ventures with huge potential, one of which is SafeBTC.

Launched in March, SafeBTC has amassed a whopping 150,000+ token holders in just a month and its Telegram community has almost 50,000 members, which is growing by the thousands each day.

And now, with its imminent addition to CoinPayments, one of the largest crypto payment processor and getaway worldwide, its mass adoption seems to be close to becoming a reality.

Over 70,000+ merchants worldwide will be able to receive payments in SafeBTC from their customers.

The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) has allowed anybody, with an internet connection, to gain access to financial services and products. Gone are the days when many are locked out of the financial world due to the barriers in place. Now, in a remarkable shift, new investors are getting their chance of securing wealth. In the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies, there is no reliance on a central authority such as a bank to manage or record transactions.

While the spotlight has been on Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies, SafeBTC also boasts a range of unique characteristics and presents investors with the opportunity to secure significant returns. Cryptocurrency users have become immersed in SafeBTC after it gained huge popularity following the launch. It is community-owned, with each token holder playing a key role in its ecosystem. While it is listed on three popular exchanges, it is yet to be added to a major exchange but the community plans to change this in the near future.

With SafeBTC still in its early days, and yet to be added onto a major exchange, now is the time for people to invest into the hidden gem and capitalize on the opportunity before the price of it potentially skyrockets as it gains more popularity. As DeFi continues to cause shock waves in the digital world, SafeBTC could well and truly put Bitcoin to the test. Another key factor that will draw investors to SafeBTC is its ability to reward token holders based on trading volume. Those who have invested into it can receive a reward and see their holdings grow as trading volume increases. Sellers will be penalised with a 4% penalty that is burned from their selling balance – with 2% of this redistributed to existing holders as a reward and the other 2% locked in liquidity and burned forever.

So the incentive to continue holding it could not be greater, with this decreasing the risk of holders frantically selling their assets and, subsequently, making the price drop. The process to buy SafeBTC is fairly simple too once you learn the basics. People will first have to purchase Binance Coin (BNB) and, following this, they can then use the token to purchase SafeBTC.

But, of course, this is not financial advice. While the cryptocurrency world is exciting, people must take into account the massive volatility and risks that come along with investing into it.
People should do their own research before investing and only put in funds that they can afford to lose.

Yes, huge sums of money can be made. But, as with all investing, money can be lost too. However, thanks to the emergence of DeFi, the financial world and investing have opened up to many who had previously been unable to be a part of it. Times are changing – for the better.


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