Dedication leads Liam Dineen to huge 8.5m Facebook followers

With the abundance of content available, social media is without a doubt a challenging place to make your mark and stand out. But that has not been a problem for Liam Dineen who has generated massive growth. We find out all about how he has managed to do it.

Stay humble

Music producer and social media kingpin Liam Dineen has amassed a whopping 8.5 million followers on his self-titled Facebook page.

While this is an incredible achievement, the hard work, determination and sacrifices that have got him to where is cannot be underestimated.

Countless hours of dedication to produce content have enabled him to grow his gigantic following.

It is also his ability to be willing to listen and learn from others which has enabled him to succeed.

Liam has a piece of valuable advice for young entrepreneurs or anybody aiming to emerge in the industry – that is to always be humble and be willing to learn. A failure to do this will without a doubt be extremely detrimental to those aiming to succeed.

The 33-year-old believes, with anything, it’s fast changing so you have to keep up with the times so the best thing you can do is listen, ask for help when needed and take people’s advice.

Passion for music

Liam, from Birmingham in the UK, is mostly known for his mellow approach to music, as well as his meme style content online.

It was clear from an early age that he had a passion for music. His first taste of music was at the age of just six years old when he started playing the piano.

This is where his love for playing, listening and making music commenced.

Although his love for music was ignited at an early age, Liam did not start in the music business until around 2004.

He played the drums in a backing band for two rap groups in Birmingham. They went onto record a few singles and appeared in a few local TV broadcasts.

Liam has used his online platform to promote his music on his journey in the industry so far.

Furthermore, his work online started in around 2013 when he started the self-titled Facebook page posting memes and anything relatable to the times, which took off and amassed millions of followers.

Driven to succeed

For most people in Liam’s shoes, they would choose between the music business and work online, rather than pursue both.

But Liam has remarkably managed to dedicate himself to work, and thrive, in both areas.

He is very creative and driven, whether it be musically or when it comes developing ideas for a project.

Liam is also a ‘realist’ so sometimes he says things that people don’t particularly want to hear, but need to hear.

Furthermore, there is a clear distinction between Liam’s products and services in comparison to those of his competitors. Unlike most social media marketers, he has a following to back up his work and skills to generate growth.

Find time for passions

But what are the main factors that led Liam to where is right now on his journey?

Taking a risk and not caring what people thought about him have been crucial to his success to date.

Although his Facebook page is a self-titled page, Liam very quickly came to the realisation that people were not there because of him and that they were there because of the content he posted.

But while much of his time is spent on creating content during his hectic work schedule, Liam also understands the importance of setting aside time for his passions in his free time.

His passions comprise spending time with his children, listening to a lot of music, going to concerts when it was allowed and also running daily.

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