Stepan Talabira; Programming Expert and Marketing Innovator

Born January 1, 1987, Stepan Talabira attended Uzhgorod National University where he became a specialist in Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, and Business Economics. Following his university tenure, Stepan founded and developed a website development company that built websites for customers. Not long after, his company shifted to mobile application development.

In 2017, Stepan created PremiumAds – a marketing agency. His company strives to take their clients from small businesses to a higher level of achievement and success. Stepan has worked hard for and enjoyed successful ventures with website development, mobile app development, advertising, and marketing.

Never one to stop pushing himself, Stepan even develops and works on projects while traveling with his wife and son. An activity that has become a family favorite, seeing them travel all over the world.

Stepan strictly believes in not letting the technology of today pass you by. He works hard to stay on top of the tech world and be aware of all current technology. PremiumAds is built upon innovation and the company is always researching, investing, and developing concepts and technologies to realize and discover them before they reach the mainstream. Stepan takes that approach in all aspects of his career.

During his high school years, Stepan became enamored with programming. The hold technology had over his curiosity and wonder did not fade; Stepan Talabira often spent his time on the bus to and from school working on programming with his cell phone, and this was in the early 2000s. Stepan would write algorithms in notes in Notepad, SMS, and then transfer them to his computer by hand through rewriting them all over again.

When smartphones were first released, Stepan created an internet forum about the first generation of smartphones. Yes, even back then Stepan was looking to the future.

Stepan’s experience is extensive and, to say the least, impressive. He has worked in and been involved with Analytics, Research, Data Analysis, Game Development, Marketing, Website Development and Application, and Highload projects.

Stepan’s name and reputation speak for themselves. He’s a known figure in the marketing industry and is often cited as a reliable source for quick and astute advice. He acts as Administrator and Moderator in private Advertising and Marketing groups.

Stepan’s drive for experimentation led to the development of an automated system for promotion that can be used by anyone – even those without special or specific knowledge of the application or process. This creation stemmed from Stepan’s desire to optimize the time spent by employees creating ads for clients. Now, his company is working hard on artificial intelligence that is capable of advanced analysis of marketing and advertising strategies to improve the results.

Stepan possesses a passion for home automation, so much so that when Nest hit the market, he was already experimenting with smart remote climate control in his home for years. He believes that every single minute of the workday can and should be optimized, without negatively affecting quality.

There was a time when Stepan would spend hours analyzing and pinpointing problematic areas in advertising campaigns on Facebook, and that turned into a reworking of algorithms that can now gather data and show what needs to be changed on an advertisement to improve the results, and this task is completed within minutes.

Stepan Talabira is an innovator, lover of technology, and a trusted voice in the marketing world. You can find him here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/talabira
Company website:

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