You Don’t Need A College degree to become successful. Meet multi-million-dollar company owner: Nolan Johnson

Having your own million dollar company without a college degree just might seem impossible. Well, meet Nolan Johnson. He is proof that impossible is just but a word. After graduating from high school in 2011, Nolan decided not to attend college. He didn’t buy the idea of having to work for someone else and help them make money. He wanted to be his own boss and provide as much value as could to the marketplace. Along the line, Nolan eventually quit his job as a mortgage banker and found his own company NXJ.Marketing, which is on its way to becoming a $10 million company. So, how then has a 27-year old entrepreneur managed to build a multi-million-dollar company from scratch, defy the odds set against him and pave his way to success? Let’s take a look at the story of this daring young man and how he’s managed to achieve millions without even going college.

Nolan was born in 1992 in Calumet Michigan. Nolan skipped college as mentioned earlier, and seeing as his friends were becoming successful through paid advertising, he decided to follow suit. Nolan learned Facebook ads and digital marketing around February in 2017 and this was the turning point in Nolan’s career. During this period, he started doing marketing for himself as a sole proprietor, and it was around this time Nolan decided to launch his own Company NXJ.Marketing. In 2019, Nolan was recognized for hitting one of the highest ranks in a direct sales company using only digital marketing to generate leads and sales.

Nolan Johnson is definitely one of those men who makes a difference. He aims at improving the sales funnel strategy and help people build their own success stories. This is all possible with single methods of sales funnel automation, and thanks to Nolan’s program called “Direct Sales Secrets”, people can now have access to the practical sales funnel secrets and social media Ad methods that sets the cash rolling in. Thanks to this amazing strategy, Nolan was able to gain access to a larger audience. And thanks to his brilliant ideas and the way he pays attention to detail, Nolan has opened up our eyes to a broader aspect of marketing. We are no longer limited when it comes to digital marketing thanks to the likes of Nolan Johnson.

And not just that, Nolan is always looking for ways to improve. And it is his sheer persistence and determination that has helped scale his business greatly, not to mention their impressive customer service. “At NXJ.Marketing, we believe in under promising and over delivering. Our products offer just as much, if not more value than courses that are selling for ten times as much. We also believe in offering a very transparent product with no hidden charges or fees” shared Nolan in an interview.

Nolan has proven that whatever you set your mind to achieve can become a reality as long as you work hard and maintain the right mindset. And has this to say to young entrepreneurs and those hoping to emerge into the digital marketing industry “when starting out as an entrepreneur, it is important to stay consistent and patient. In the beginning you will be doing a lot of work and spending money without seeing results. But once things start to take off and your company starts to scale, you start to get paid over and over for work you’ve already done”

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