Tech Entrepreneur Christopher Hughes Talks About the Evolution of WordPress After Using It for More Than 15 years

Christopher Hughes, The Founder of MintWP, A 24×7 WordPress Support And Maintenance Company, Shares His Insight On How Things Were Different Way Back Then…

Christopher has been working with WordPress right from the beginning of his career. His first hosting company led him into the world of the internet. His fascination for exploring tech kept him busy with several trials and errors until he shifted his focus across to WordPress. He was hooked!

An overall improvement

Christopher reflects on how WordPress has evolved to become faster, more efficient, and user friendly over the years. The introduction of plugins made it easier for non-technical people to tinker and experiment with websites. It eliminated the need for repeated coding. Christopher added, “WordPress has evolved substantially and is now the most popular CMS platform in the world. The best part is that they keep improving.”

Evolution of client feedback

After 15 years of working with WordPress, he shares how it has developed a lot over the years. Things are smoother and more modernized today. The flaws have been corrected, and new developments included. Christopher recalls helping several web agencies with White label WordPress Development and tech support initially. The prime issue in those days was getting client feedback easily. A client’s feedback is difficult to get without being next to them. However, there was no streamlined system to interact or exchange feedback without a trip to that customer. This often delayed the process and hampered client growth.

It was crucial to receiving feedback, but what was essential was receiving it in a manner that benefitted both the client and the business person. Christopher recollects people used to either mail or called to share their opinion. Some even shared WhatsApp messages with attached photographs. This, at times, was troublesome to process and improve upon and lead to delays and confusion with the client.

WordPress feedback

Christopher felt incredibly thankful to have noticed a new company in 2019 called WP Feedback. He explored their product, and he was extremely satisfied with their platform. Some of his prime concerns were quickly taken care of. Using the platform, he developed a secure, hassle-free maintenance offering for his end-users. His users found it smooth, and this gained him quite some clients, even during the pandemic.“WP Feedback helped me gather client responses in an orderly and regimented fashion” said Hughes, their platform has saved us countless hours of back and forth with clients trying to understand their needs.

His experience in using this platform made him understand one of the foundations of his new business, RedLettuce Plugins had to be easy to use for end-users. “You have to make sure the tools you develop can be used by everyone, not just really technical people,” says Hughes. RedLettuce is on quite a spree at launching and acquiring WordPress Plugins currently.

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