Interview with Music Producer Patrick Osei aka Hot Money

Patrick is an experienced music producer and today he shares his secrets with us. Learn from him what it takes to be successful and to build the road to success. We are proud to announce that we had the chance to ask him some questions. Read below to find out more about his journey and be inspired by his story. 

What‘s your biggest lesson learned?

“Hard work beats talent every time.”

There is no doubt that his success did not come overnight. Patrick founded the hot Money Studio in 2008 and today this name is very famous among rap performers all over the UK. Since he was a child, Patrick was used to playing the piano, so music was not rocket science for him and we are not wrong to say that he was quite a talented child. With this in the background, Patrick still believed that hard work is the key to success and talent is not enough to stand out.

What separates you or your products/services from your competition?

“My studio business focuses on providing that major label sound but at indie rates. This sets us apart from all the other studios in our genre.”

It is highly important to be specific in your niche and to have something that sets you apart from your competitors. The music market is very competitive and fairly enough, oversaturated at times. Hot Money Studio helps young musicians to reach their goals and to create unique music that speaks up to a whole generation.

Any tip/advice for a young entrepreneur or anybody who wants to emerge in your industry?

“My advice for new talent is to focus on the vision, then work your butt off to realize that vision. Do not accept failure and learn from mistakes.”

Things can get tougher with time but the experienced music producer and entrepreneur, Patrick Osei, encourages you today to have your vision very clear, create a plan and focus to bring the plan to reality. We are sure that in all these 20 years it was not easy to make a name in the music industry, but with ambition and hard work, everything is possible.

What is your routine? What you do in the morning and what are your core habits?

“Routine: Workout, check emails, office/studio, music sessions, phone calls in between, night-time reading, bed.”

Another factor to consider would be discipline. Keeping your mind and body healthy will give you energy to complete the daily tasks and it will boost your creativity. Keeping your mind busy can be an efficient way to get things sorted, but don’t forget that rest is highly recommended as well. A balance in between would definitely help your vision and your business plan.

What would you tell your 10 years old self right now?

“The pain is only temporary.”

It is really crucial to keep a healthy mindset and to keep the positivity in the game. Failure is inevitable but if your ambition is strong enough you will succeed without a doubt. It might take a bit of time and on the spot, things will not make always sense, but you are closer to your goal and this is what matters the most.

For more information, feel free to check Patrick’s social media account; Instagram @officialhotmoney and Facebook below. 

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