Black-Owned Business The Starstruck Collection Dominates the Fashion Industry with Roderick Harvey at the Helm

It’s undeniable that almost everyone has a passion for fashion. Style is such a telltale sign of an individual’s personality, which is why most fashion enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new brands that will speak their truth. The Starstruck Collection is a wildly creative emerging brand from visionary entrepreneur and stylist Roderick Harvey. The brand has made an indelible mark on the fashion industry as of late, and Harvey can’t wait to unveil his latest project to the world.

Emerging fashion mogul and stylist Roderick Harvey has cultivated a brand unlike any other with the Starstruck Collection. He envisions a world where people can make a bold statement without having to sacrifice style. His brand’s luxurious and comfortable tracksuits are perfect for anyone who values the seamless blend of function and form. Out in the wild, celebrities and influencers have been spotted wearing pieces from the collection, helping the brand gain a massive clientele.

The Starstruck Collection seeks to be inclusive and diverse within its base. The up-and-coming brand has something for everyone, with a wide range of colors and unique styles to choose from. So whether you’re looking for an athleisure-inspired look or something edgier and streetwear-inspired, the Starstruck Collection has you covered.  

Hip-hop artists, athletes, and a variety of fashion enthusiasts have been adorned with the Starstruck Collection’s beautiful tracksuits. People from different walks of life and personalities have seemed to gravitate towards the brand’s bold and stylish designs. 

Recently, Roderick Harvey has been hard at work in releasing a brand new fashion line that aims to push his advocacies to the world. Known as the Graffiti Line, the collection aims to donate the line’s proceeds to help young boys and girls within Harvey’s local community. The Graffiti Line is a testament to Roderick Harvey’s philanthropic nature. His passion for giving back to others is deeply tied to his roots, and as the owner of a Black-owned business, he has consistently sought to deliver a positive message to the world.

Much of the success of the Starstruck Collection can be heavily attributed to Roderick Harvey’s passion, determination, and work ethic. Inspired by his friends and family, Harvey has stayed humble and down-to-earth throughout the tremendous success that he has accumulated. “I’m inspired to be great by my father, who’s also a hard worker. I’ve watched him ever since I was a kid,” shared the visionary fashion mogul.

From his humble beginnings 13 years ago, Roderick Harvey has finally made it big in the fashion industry with the Starstruck Collection. “I started off by making custom suits. People called me the tailor to the stars,” he shared. He hopes to stay on track on the road to the top, as he envisions becoming a household name in the years to come.

The Starstruck Collection has certainly become one of the hottest names in the fashion industry today. Yet, in the midst of his massive reputation, Roderick Harvey maintains that he only got to this point by the grace of God and his deep personal values. “I got here with God and great work ethics. Hard work really does pay off,” exclaimed the emerging fashion mogul. It’s extremely exciting to see where Harvey will be in the years to come. However, one thing’s for sure. There’s nowhere to go but up from here for the up-and-coming fashion icon.

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