Why Nidah Barber Dominates The Chemical Peel Landscape

Although chemical peels are widely available on the market today, no one truly does it better than chemical peel expert Nidah Barber, founder and owner of The Peel Connection, a coveted destination specializing in safe and non-abrasive chemical peel treatments. Having done over 30,000 clients over the past 12 years, Nidah is truly an unrivaled force in the beauty industry. Her signature peels, especially the SmoothPeel for the feet, are recognized by many and were even featured on Insider Beauty and Refinery 29. The Peel Connection is the only specialized chemical peel place in the world, and there are many reasons why it remains to dominate in the chemical peel landscape.

Nidah first got interested in doing chemical peels after receiving a chemical peel treatment she described as a transformational experience. Immediately after the procedure, she started seeing a difference in the brightness and smoothness of her face that she was hooked on. Then, Nidah started researching all the different types of chemical peels and acids. After soaking up all the knowledge she could get her hands on, Nidah sought to become a licensed aesthetician focusing only on chemical peels. Hence, The Peel Connection was born. 

“There are no other places that only do chemical peels. They offer facials and other services. I only offer chemical peels, and I am the first company to offer a two-step professional home peel application to the public,” the chemical peel expert shared. The Peel Connection is officially the pioneer solely concentrating on chemical peels, and the company has perfected all of its treatments over the years. 

Nidah has had her fair share of challenges building a company from the ground up. Nonetheless, fueled by her burning passion for leaving a mark in the beauty industry, she strived through all the adversities and chose to see every hurdle as an opportunity to learn something new. “I believe the key to my success is believing in what I do and always knowing there is more to learn. When you are open to learning more, things can only progress and get better. If you can make a person’s experience and result better or are constantly finding ways to do so, there is no way you can lose. Especially if you are willing to work at it,” said Nidah. “I am very driven and passionate about what I do, so none of this seems like work at all. It’s just challenging to me in a good way.”

Nidah aims to scale The Peel Connection to become a national chemical peel company, offering her signature peels to more people across the country. She is also on a mission to destigmatize chemical peels by offering a more holistic and safer approach to the process. Nidah has successfully formulated a product that uses moderate percentages of chemicals and acids, proving that chemical peels don’t have to be aggressive for them to be effective. The expert also revealed that her company just came out with a new treatment called the BabyBum peel, an addition to their already unrivaled chemical peel treatments.

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