A Day in the Life of Fashion Director, Katya Akuma

It’s the last day of New York Fashion Week and Katya Akuma is ramping up for another full day of presentations and fashion shows…

Multitalented, this Parsons alumna juggles a nonprofit organization, designs, and still manages to run a digital agency, 4TO4U. As the Fashion Director, Akuma attends the fashion week circuit covering New York, London, Milan, and Paris every season. The Instagram influencer is often invited to VIP events to celebrate the reveal of new collections, sitting front row at the most sought-after brands. 

It’s 8:30 am and it’s thirty minutes to the first fashion show of the morning, Ralph Lauren. Akuma’s Uber is outside waiting to chauffeur her around the city, making sure she gets to all her appointments in style as part of their women empowerment campaign #Whereto. 

During the car ride, she approves applicants from fashion graduates that have applied to her nonprofit organization, Council for Fashion and Social Change. Here her work focuses on selecting innovative fashion-conscious activations that promote sustainability and looks for designers and brands who want to collaborate towards corporate social responsibility. As a designer, she focuses on natural materials, emerging technologies, material research, and creative direction.

Akuma enters Spring Studios just in time for the show, followed by her 4TO4U bespoke photography co-founder, Artur Koff, a renowned fashion photographer covering the events, backstage and runway. 12 minutes later, the fashion show is over and everyone dissipates into the foreground of the city. Akuma and Koff are on to the next designer, Pamella Roland who is presenting his latest collection at Chelsea Piers followed by a Pyer Moss fashion show at the same venue.

Reporting to her 150,000 Instagram followers

They spot influencers and editors that they know and catch up before the show, comparing schedules for the rest of the day. At the events, Akuma brings the rigors of reporting and thorough literary journalism into bite-size pieces for her 150,000 Instagram followers. 

On the phone with her assistant who helps her stay on track for the day, she gets an update of her schedule and confirms her reservation for lunch with Koff. The duo head to The Standard Grill in the Meatpacking District around the corner from their next runway show, Diane von Furstenberg.

Outfit change in the back of the Uber

It is back in the Uber, the tinted car allows for a quick outfit change and it’s off to Alexander Wang and then Palm Angels before going home to rest her feet. 

The high-powered editor, Akuma is a fashion activist by night, concocting social change through partnerships she has acquired over the course of her 12-year career. On the way back home, she gets a call from her good friend, Monica Watkins, founder of Beauty For Freedom. A partnership that always comes back together to support one another. Together they tackle an idea regarding anti-trafficking to bring about a social change drawing some very high-level resources for a collaborated effort. 

Disco naps & assistants

After a disco nap, Akuma touches base with her assistant who checked in on Akuma’s nonprofit organization, the Council of Fashion for Social Change. Her assistant gives her a rundown on the status of their projects and the latest issues. 

It is time for Akuma to get ready for the Alexander Wang after-party. Once there, she excuses herself early as she needs to get back home to pack for the next stop on the fashion circuit, London! 

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