caroline zalog

Meet Caroline Zalog, Who Gained 1.2 Million Followers While Starting 2 Companies

Caroline Zalog is proof that hard work and consistency pays off every single time. Caroline is in her early 20’s and has achieved so much already, thanks to her immense passion for what she does, and her unrelenting traits. Within a year (2020), she gained over 1million Instagram followers, earned her degree in business and set two amazing projects in motion. Super amazing!

Caroline Zalog, a shy girl from Poland grew up with her mother, and they were always on the move. Caroline’s mother was very hard-working, and her unique traits rubbed off on her daughter also. Caroline learnt to be independent from a very young. Thank to her mother, who is her source of inspiration and role model, Caroline learnt the value of hard work. She started working since she was a teen, and hasn’t stopped ever since. Consistency at what she does has helped Caroline achieve tremendous heights. She started social media with no clue, just like the rest of us. She started working consistently towards improving her content with Chris Theodoropoulos (@blotch) in 2020, and this was when she gained a massive influx of followers.

Gaining over 600k followers within 5months, and reaching over a million followers on her Instagram page @carolinezalog. Her content improved greatly, and so did her fan base. And at the same time, while solidify her profile on Instagram, she was chasing her dreams of getting a degree in business which she achieved in the same year!

Unlike the rest of the competition, Caroline Zalog stands out always. Thanks to her persistence, she never backs down from a challenge but would rather face it head on till she succeeds. She never let’s the perceptions of others define who she is or what she’s capable of. Caroline says she used to be so scared to share her ideas and thoughts with people. Wanting to please others, she was always scared of voicing out her thoughts and opinions, but learnt later on in life that trying to please everyone would eventually result in letting yourself down. She’s learned to surround herself with positive minded people who support her and only wish to see her succeed, and this has helped her come this far, and achieve what may have initially seemed impossible.

Consistent hard work, staying motivated always and not being afraid to try out new things has helped Caroline Zalog achieve great heights. And she’s just getting started! In addition to having a degree in business and being a top Instagram influencer living in LA, Caroline’s working towards building a clothing brand of her own: Girl Next Door.

With the help of Chris Theodoropoulos, she aims at creating high quality garments for both women and men. With her first line dropping hopefully before the end of 2020, Caroline Zalog definitely has mind blowing pieces in store for us. And that’s not all. Caroline values fitness tremendously and is hoping to help people seeking for fitness through her fitness brand FITTY by Caroline.

All these, and she’s not yet 24 ? Amazing! Simply amazing! Caroline encourages young entrepreneurs like herself to keep going. Don’t be afraid to try out new things, especially when you’re young! This is the perfect time!