Martyna Friedla and Emily Taradash

Creative Fire: How Burning Out in the Arts Created Two Business Trail Blazers

Rising from Ashes: How Two Resilient Women are Guiding Global Clients Through Personal and Professional Rebirth Amidst Global Crises

From the recent tragic fires in Maui, British Columbia and Block Island to floods in the USA and endless international conflicts like the war in Israel and the war between Russia and Ukraine—all these happenings make us all reflect on how to manage our lives and resources. And there seems to be a reflection into the unending personal burnout plaguing the workforce, while it is all connected with a deeper need for personal safety.

Two creative women, Poland-based Martyna Friedla and US-based Emily Taradash, have come together to support clients from across the globe. They share a message of rebirth and strength—galvanized out of heartbreaking circumstances. 


Life Coach and entertainer, Emily Taradash was on Maui when Lahaina burned to the ground, and she evacuated with thousands of other travelers on August 9th. She watched the hill east of the airport burn, smoke billowing, as she waited for her plane to board for the mainland. Though usually on the lighter side of life as a stand up comic, Taradash remained calm and alert to the situation amidst the chaos. 


Taradash says, “It’s not normal for everything to burn around us, but it often forces us to focus on what’s most important in life.”


She has spent the last few years as a life coach actively helping clients recover from burnout due to their lack of work life balance. 


While always following her passions, she knows a thing or two about burning out. In 2018, she worked on 25 theatrical productions and got married. Since then, she has completely revamped her life and reorganized her priorities to truly experience happiness, and now, she shows other show to do the same. And often, that involves saying ‘no’ to activities that aren’t in alignment with her long-term vision.


She adds, “Some clients think they need to quit their jobs, but usually there is a sense of play and possibility that needs to be rediscovered. They have been stuck in survival mode for too long and there’s a sense of being stuck in their lives.” 


Another international leader, Polish native and intuitive transformational business mentor Martyna Friedla, also knows from her own experience and work with her clients what it takes to overcome burnout. 


Friedla comments, “The key is to lean into our authenticity, raw needs, simplifying life in many ways and not get distracted by external opinions while healing. This is what brings true fulfillment and success in life.” 


Her support for women leaders in Poland has amped up since the war in Ukraine started last year. She adds, “People have been living in fear for close to two years now, being already exhausted by the negative impact of the pandemic.”  


She adds, “Women especially spread themselves too thin, and tend to over give while undervaluing their work, knowledge and experience. I believe this is due to negative social programming and old cultural influences.”


For Friedla, the core of personal safety and fulfillment connected with professional success lays in the inner work combined with individually matched business strategies. 


She believes that even in hard moments we need to focus on the further vision of the future and build it, so business owners need to find their purpose and with expertise, turn it into a profitable and healthy source of income that nurtures them and their families—allowing them to be holistically fulfilled. 


Friedla offers a path to those who are struggling, “It’s not that hard to avoid the frustration once we tap into our own path, leading us through pure passion. With strong self-identification, the basis of business development must be implemented right next to the tools of emotional regulation and healing.” 


Both Taradash and Friedla are working on their own development under the wings of an award-winning publicist and visibility expert, Heather Burgett in her “Shine Online Mastermind” program. This path of personal and business growth allowed them to connect and collaborate together, starting with an interview for female leaders on The Empress Show.”


The duo is joining forces again to serve their clients even more deeply. They’ll be co-hosting live virtual women’s circles, “Release to Succeed.”  


The experience will celebrate female leaders who are creating their own paths, while sharing guidance on how to sustain the flow of energy, no matter what, and take time to rest and re-charge often. 


For information on how to join the upcoming events, direct message Martyna or Emily at: or