Is This Hot Brand, GITI Online, the Next “FashionNova”?

When the word “fashion” comes up, often big and popular brands like “Fashion Nova” and “Pretty Little Thing” are what come to mind. However, those brands may just have to scoot a bit on the fashion pedestal as a new and up and coming brand is steadily making its way into the spotlight: GITI Online Inc. The company was founded originally by Christopher Chong and initially started as a brick and mortar retail shop in the mall but as the demand for supply became more demanding, Chong shifted from a brick and mortar layout to opting for ecommerce.

GITI Online Inc.’s tale started with a dream. Chong wanted to supply trendy, expressive pieces for young adult women specifically in the college town nearby in Gainesville, FL and he wanted to be able to do it at affordable rates. In 2003, he set his plan into motion by opening a shop in Oaks Mall in Gainesville, FL. Admittedly, it was not a dramatic success from the get go but it did gather momentum as young women in the area began to take notice of the shop and its inventory. However, it wasn’t just individual shoppers’ attention that Chong’s shop drew in. It also had the eyes of fellow entrepreneurs zoning in as well.

In general, when it comes to purchasing wholesale items or bulk orders to start up a business, many outlets that supply wholesale have set requirements as to a minimum one must order. Chong knew that these specific minimum requirements were not always an easy feat especially for a freshly starting business looking to make it but not yet having the finances to finance such bulk orders. In this sense, he saw yet another opportunity he could pounce on. That is precisely where Chong decided to become the self-proclaimed “middleman” in such transactions where he would purchase in wholesale and give fellow entrepreneurs the opportunity to purchase in smaller bulk quantities that were convenient for their finance situations. It worked as a symbiotic arrangement so to speak where both parties benefited and thus boosted Chong’s business, GITI, in its growing popularity.

There is only so much of an audience one can reach with a single, localized shop within a mall. In order to reach more customers, Chong knew he would have to make GITI more accessible. Opening up more actual physical shops like the one in Gainesville could be a hefty price. For that reason, Chong opted to take GITI into the world of digital marketing and ecommerce. That is precisely the turn where “GITI” earned it’s online component in its name, “GITI Online Inc.”. GITI Online Inc. started with a couple orders a week to greatly increasing as customers realized they enjoyed the quality and options that GITI had to offer. Most notably in 2020 especially with the recent events of the global pandemic and quarantining arrangements, the shift from brick and mortar to its ecommerce setting has proved to be particularly fruitful.

With time, GITI Online Inc. has expanded its inventory as well through Chong’s aspiration and ambition to make it a, “one-stop ecommerce shop that customers can purchase a full outfit from head to toe,” as he puts it in his own words. One glance at GITI Online Inc.’s website and it is evident that it is indeed becoming just that as it supplies an array of clothing items ranging from dresses, shoes, pants, rompers, swimwear, masks, and more. GITI Online Inc. also features an ample selection of plus-size options as well catered to plus-size customers to give them the equal opportunity to be expressive and wear fashionable pieces that make them feel their best sense of self. GITI Online Inc. aims to be inclusive where there is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

It just may be that GITI Online Inc. is making major strides to become the next “Fashion Nova”. Chong’s company is already making it into the mainstream through the aid of social media platforms. There are big things in store for GITI Online Inc. To keep up with GITI Online Inc., follow the social media handles: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and GITI’s very own website.

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