Anthony Nuara

From Door-To-Door Salesman to Multi-Millionaire – An Interview with Anthony Nuara

Anthony Nuara has come a long way from getting into door-to-door sales at 25 years old. He set off with $1,000 dollars and ventured out taking a huge risk to do so.  Fast forward to today and he is a 31-year-old millionaire. We sat down to learn more about him personally.  

What Keeps You Motivated Every day? 

“Knowing there’s people out there I can help change their lives for the better. I want to be the leader I wish I had when I needed a mentor.” 

Anthony has proven he has leadership ability building from nothing. But let’s get more into the man himself. 

What is your routine? What do you do in the morning and what are your core habits? 

“I usually wake up to a few hundred messages / emails. I consider everything a lifestyle not really work; I enjoy everything I do on a daily basis. I say that every day is my birthday. there’s a lot of things I can improve on but I tackle the most important thing at any given time and try and stay productive not busy.” 

Anthony highlights the importance of mindset to his success here. He doesn’t take anything he does for granted or treat it as a chore. He sees the enjoyment in every aspect of his day meaning he stays motivated to do it again. If you enjoy your job, you will never work a day in your life! 

What are the main factors that led you to where you are right now? 

“I read a lot, I’m all or nothing, I attack opportunities.” 

If you listen to any successful person giving advice online there is a common theme. Keep growing your knowledge. Many successful men and women including Warren Buffett read many books a year to keep expanding their expertise. 

On a lighter note… 

What is the funniest anecdote ever happened to you? 

“If I’m being truthful even though it’s going to seem a little weird, me and my girlfriend were taking a bath together and it was in a small bathtub and I literally could not stop farting and I was laughing so hard that it was hard to breathe.” 

Well, I guess it’s official. Farts are just universally funny… 

Any specific financial goals for the future? 

“I want to become a billionaire, because I know how many people I can help with that type of influence / money.” 

Good morals behind the goals only motivate Anthony further. His overall good ethics and moral code has carried him this far and it’s because it’s genuine. He wants to do well for himself of course, but takes real pleasure in helping others along the way. 

But what does the busy man do apart from working on his financial goals?

What are your passions in your free time? 

“When I’m not sucked into my business, I just like giving my family and friends the attention they deserve.” 

I can’t think of a better motivator on earth for me personally than providing for the family. It drives people around the world! 


Anthony’s story required him to take a huge risk as many have. He would have never gotten where he is today without venturing out and knocking on doors. But he’s far from finished. You can follow his progress via his social media accounts below: 

Facebook –

Instagram – @nuara.freedom