From Pre-Med Student to Entrepreneur with Louis Albanese

Although relatively fresh in the entrepreneuring and business world as of 2020, Louis Albanese is making major strides and big money moves.  His name is one you’re going to want to jot down to keep tabs on in the years to come as he will undoubtedly continue to flourish.  Louis Albanese is head of his business, “Amazon Freedom” and networking platform, “Invest in Your Freedom”.  Both are dedicated to the world of ecommerce and managing the responsibilities that having an online store entails.  The objective is to serve as an aid to help upscale ecommerce stores into more profitable margins while also being a resource for knowledge and skill building as well.  The central idea and embodiment of his business revolves around the core value of freedom.  

Ironically, Albanese did not start off with an entrepreneurial and business mindset.  Although he reflects that his heart has always belonged to entrepreneurship, it took some time to bring that to fruition.  Albanese was actually diligently studying as a premed student on his way to pursuing medical school.  He had a passion for helping people which is why the medical field seemed to be particularly compatible for him.  However, as his journey continued to play out, he would be helping people but instead of doing so pathologically, he would do so financially.

That is why in 2020, “Amazon Freedom” and “Invest in Your Freedom” were born.  For so long, the world has been structured where the work setting was typically confined to a brick and mortar layout.  However, through the evolution of time, there has been a newfound prevalence and demand and not to mention desire for remote options.  It works out for people looking for more flexibility, passive income, and even more family time.  There is no doubt about the appeal. That is precisely where Albanese saw an opportunity and seized it with his budding business platforms.

Through “Amazon Freedom”, Albanese along with his staff take the lead in laying out the foundation for clientele.  The idea is to take the burden away of managing and setting up the ecommerce store via Amazon so that clients are able to have more time on their hands.  As Albanese says himself, “we understand time is one of the most valuable commodities.”  In the long-term the services Albanese and his staff provide to their clients help to provide a means of a passive side-income and potentially even the main stream of income depending on how successful it ends up being.  The fact that it helps clients make more money means more financial independence and hence, freedom as is even included in the company’s names.  And it seems like Albanese’s company is definitely doing it right as he cites receiving many thankful messages in response to the services he provided with his staff to clients.  Albanese reflects in his own words, “my biggest success is and always will be creating freedom for others.  From the “thank you” messages and the happiness I see our clients achieving, there is nothing that can parallel that feeling.” 

It is true that money is not everything but it is undoubtedly a valuable asset and financial freedom undeniably solves a lot of problems and not to mention opens doors as well!  The fact that Albanese has served as a major role in helping his clients achieve that financial freedom is something that he finds great pride and fulfillment in and serves as a motivating factor to continue the work he is doing.  

To keep up with Louis Albanese and “Amazon Freedom” and “Invest in Your Freedom” and what he has in store for 2021, follow his social media handles: Instagram and Facebook.

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