“My knowledge and faith in what I share with my students and clients make me stand out from the competition,” says Jeannie Perez, a licensed business consultant, and coach who believes that her students’ and clients’ success is her win.


The phrase “knowledge is power is freedom” may sound like a broken record, but the authenticity and truth hidden behind those words are displayed in our everyday lives. It is also one of the many lessons Jeannie has learned through her years of practice as a licensed business coach and consultant. Starting Billionaires Hustle LLC in 2012, Jeannie is poised to ensure that her company is a cornerstone brand known for igniting the potential of business owners and entrepreneurs and setting them on the part of milestone achievements.

Through persistence and an inert desire to see others succeed, Jeannie has achieved a great feat in her industry. She teaches business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs the proven action steps for starting a business or taking their existing business to the next level while applying her Business & Marketing Strategies.


In her pursuit to live the life of her dreams, Jeannie maintains that she never gave up on becoming the multi-business owner she always dreamed about, and this remains her biggest success so far. Exhibiting great passion beyond the obvious, this purpose-driven individual hopes to continue growing her success despite all her recorded achievements and garnered experiences.

It is no doubt that time remains an irreplaceable asset, which is why Jeannie’s advice to young entrepreneurs and individuals aspiring for emergence is to make a move on your dreams today. Despite being a single parent, Jeannie seems to have built a career with the ultimate dream of freedom because she had always been one to want more from life other than what it gave.


Jeannie Perez is one who loves to give back to society, and as such, she’s working to feature some mini-courses for young entrepreneurs, business owners, and educators for free! She hopes that with her expert guidance and tutorage, all her clients & students will achieve 200% with their successes. “I guarantee that I will walk the journey with you on making your dreams reality,” says Jeannie in a passionate message to all who are closely affiliated with her business consultancy brand.

Recognizing the irreplaceable role of the family in every facet of one’s life, Jeannie mentions that her goal is to set her children & grandkids up for life as family remains her major driving force to want to become more. In her spare time, she loves to spend quality time with loved ones and go shopping to relax and have fun.

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