Film Maker & Cinematographer: Ishell Vaughan’s Full Story

Ishell Vaughan highlights the power of being different as he maps out his journey to success, as well as his vision for the future.

Being Different

Most people around the world follow the crowd and avoid thinking for themselves due to fears of being different.

But for Ishell Vaughan, being different is a powerful trait that he uses to his advantage in life.

It is being different which separates him from others. He thinks differently, he works differently and everything he does is natural.

He does not force anything and his attention to detail is immaculate, although he is very relaxed. 

When most people look at a TV they see a TV, but when Ishell looks at a TV he sees a playground. He just has fun – a valuable attribute in this fast-paced world where too many people are living a life of discontent.

Ishell is a professional filmmaker, cinematographer, and the founder and owner of Ishell Vaughan Films – which is a media and entertainment company operating and shooting production-level drones for short films, commercials, and stock footage.

Learning Lessons

Ishell represents one-third of the founding members of Secret Society Motion Pictures.

Back in the late 2000s, they could never have fathomed that this company would grow to what it is today. They were just three guys scrambling to manage an unforeseen workload, while undoubtedly gaining major popularity in the tri-state and surrounding areas. 

Today Nimi Hendrix, Denity and Ishell not only shoot the majority of your favorite artists’ music videos, but they also run the most intuitive film internship program.

While Ishell has enjoyed much success in his career to date, there is plenty more he wants to achieve as he sets his sights on reaching new goals.

Furthermore, he has learned many valuable lessons along the way.

The most valuable lesson he has learned throughout the years is that you can’t be afraid to fail. 

When he first started filming, he had no idea what he was doing – but he would have never learned from his mistakes if he did not make them.

Find Your Passion

Meanwhile, the biggest success for Ishell is simply being able to wake up every day and do what he loves. 

There are a lot of people out there that have the freedom or ability to chase their dream. Getting to this level in his career took a lot of hard work and discipline. Without that there would not even be any accolades. 

As he sets his sights on the future, Ishell highlighted that his most sought-after goal at the moment, besides being incredibly wealthy, is to just continue to be in a space of learning. 

He does not ever want to feel like he is the best or the smartest. He wants to always be in a position to gain knowledge.

When most people around the world achieve success, they become comfortable and lose some of their desire to keep on going and developing themselves.

But that is far from being the case with Ishell, who is on a mission to keep on improving and achieving new levels of success.

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