Naor Yazdan

Introducing Naor Yazdan – Fitness Model & Trainer

Are fitness models truly fitness gurus or fitness gurus truly bodybuilders? Naor Yazdan, was a typical skinny boy, a thin whip that went into the Israeli army, ending his time there to become a qualified trainer and then professional model and bodybuilder. Yazdan has it all, with wonderful ups there were some scary downs and today, he still answers his 4,000+ client base with optimism and best friend push reminding them that they will achieve their goals.

Yazdan grew up in Israel and tried to gain weight as a pre-teen to get the girls attention in school, it didn’t work. He was the guy that you fell for because of his heart and eyes. He joined the Israeli army at 18 and gravitated to the training aspect of it all. After leaving he made his first step toward the fitness world: get a qualification. His full 180°-turn occurred in his home country as he gained his Personal Trainer certificate from Wingate Sports Academy in Israel. The desire then was to help people achieve their body goals. With that in mind, he branched into modelling and bodybuilding. Throughout his life, there was always a line of, “never giving up” and, “being the best”.

The winner

His biggest inspiration is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yazdan approached most situations with coming out on top, and if not, going back to learn and entering the ring again. The winner mentality keeps him as the hardest worker in the room, and he has been since he confidently began in the fitness world, 2011. His schedule is sensible, he starts with a shower to clear the mind and start the day, then goes on to tackle client emails. When that is finished, he works out at the local gym before spending time with his dogs and supportive girlfriend.

Life’s luxuries

He loves animals, especially dogs and has adopted a few; and he likes going to the beach and watching movies with friends. A good work balance gives your body and mind just the right remedy to stay in such a tough industry. The top 3 core values that exude out of Yazdan are family, commitment, and hard work.

The darkness

Yazdan, like other people that we interact with, has had difficulties that he has overcome. At 27, which should be some of the best years as we work to double the effort for our 30’s, he went in for heart valve replacement surgery. It is a common surgery but can affect people mentally and physically as they may not feel normal for some time. Thankfully, all of the nourishing foods that help with recovery is what Yazdan knows best and has made a successful recovery.


For the next few years of the pandemic, this industry of health and wellness will be important, and Yazdan will play a big part in that. He has suffered his own setbacks with having heart surgery but that didn’t stop him from launching his website and winning the hearts of thousands of clients. Many of whom declare that he is the best and they have noticed serious body goals being checked off of their life list since working with him! To learn more about the model, trainer, fitness guru life, connect with him here:

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