Made it Big Without the College Route with Sean Pandya

You’ve probably heard it time and time again that college is not always the answer.  Is it overrated?  Maybe.  It is true that some of the biggest business moguls were college dropouts.  Take Steve Jobs as an example.  Next, add in Sean Pandya to the mix.

Sean Pandya who was born as Kishanraj Anil Pandaya, is the chief executive officer or CEO of Amcon Consultants Inc.  He is also the business owner and founder of Sean Pandya Enterprise which is also known as SP Enterprise.  Both companies work in the field of engineering in regards to plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and architectural plans of building construction projects.  SP Enterprise is more notoriously known for making strides with a particular specialty in the medicinal Cannabis industry.  Both business endeavors have been wildly successful and not to mention, very profitable as well.  Most surprising or perhaps not so surprising, Sean Pandya has accomplished it all without a college degree.

Although he never completed a degree program, Sean Pandya did get a taste of the college and university life.  After all, that is just what one does, right?  Naturally, after graduating high school, he saw enrolling in university as the next course of action to fall into place.  He was accepted into one of California’s prestigious universities, San Jose State University.  However, after being enrolled for some time, he realized it was not all it was cut out to be or at least not for him.  He had aspirations elsewhere.

Sean Pandya had a hunger for getting out into the workplace.  That is what led him to terminating his studies in a chase after his dreams and what he believed he was truly destined to be doing.  However, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses from the get go.  Leaving school can be a fairly bold move and especially when there is no exact plan that has come to fruition in action.  But Pandya cracked down on thinking of what he could do.  He started out by self-employing himself as a personal fitness trainer.  After all, Pandya was a fitness fanatic himself and had the sculpted physique to prove it so in that arena, he could provide great value and insight to others seeking to experience similar transformations.  It worked out well in the short term but Pandya didn’t see it quite as a fulfillment of his destiny that he firmly believed in.

In 2017, Pandya joined Amcon Consultants Inc. as a free-labor intern.  That’s right – he was not getting paid.  As it turns out, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to work for free of charge.  Although his work didn’t build up his bank account at the time since it was on a voluntary basis, Pandya was paid in the skillset it would equip him with.  That, in the long run translated to great profits as is evident today.  The arrangement worked out well as Pandy’s father, Anil Pandya, is Amcon’s original founder.  Pandya’s work and exposure at the company helped him scale up in his position fairly quickly and ultimately led him to the apex of being CEO and starting his own faction with SP Enterprise.  His hard work has led him to be able to funnel some of his earnings into luxurious cars like one of his pride and joys: his Corvette Z06 in a flashy shade of lava orange.  But even with the financial perks, Pandya has remained humble and reflects on his roots that led him to who he has blossomed into today.

Sean Pandya’s journey shows that school is not the only route to success.  If one’s strength is not in academics, that doesn’t mean one is doomed for failure.  Pandya’s story illustrates that there are always alternatives and workarounds and opportunities so long as one is willing to put in the work and dedication to go forth and seek them.  To keep up with Sean
Pandya and his business endeavors, follow his social media handles: Facebook and Instagram .

Pandya and his business endeavors, follow his social media handles: Facebook and Instagram.

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