Key Lifestyle Habits of Top Educator Dr. Santarvis

As we get a glimpse into the life of globally-recognized educator Dr. Santarvis Brown, we hear about his lifestyle habits and extensive accomplishments so far.

The Importance of Education

The power of education should never be underestimated.

It is the tool that allows individuals to develop from an early age and, thereafter, to flourish as they undertake the journey of life.

Top educator Dr. Santarvis Brown (Miami Lakes, FL) knows more than most people just how vitally important education is in society.

Individuals across the world strive for success in their respective industries.

But only a few truly achieve what they aspire to do. While most people have aspirations, there are only a select few who put in the work required and truly execute their plans.

Lifestyle Habits

Aside from education, one of the key factors in determining how far a person will go on their journey is the strength of their habits.

Habits play a critical role for individuals striving to achieve goals – and that was certainly the case for Dr. Santarvis.

The lifestyle habits that have helped him along his journey are commitment and self-awareness.

Dr. Santarvis is a multi-award-winning humanitarian who brings over 15 years of success in providing stellar organizational leadership, delivering innovative solutions, spearheading major institutional missions and initiatives, overseeing fiscal budgets, as well as training, developing, and managing personnel within the higher education sector. 

He holds master’s degrees in management & leadership, business administration, and divinity as well as a doctoral degree in education and a Juris doctorate from Purdue University. 

His extensive accomplishments are matched by his demonstrated commitment toward serving Black and Brown communities.

Strengthening Systemic Change

Among his current roles, Dr. Santarvis is a fellow at the Governance Institute for School Accountability in Miami, Florida, where he collaborates with staff to deliver the necessary research, administrative services, and strategic planning to advocate the rights of parents to receive education accommodations for children with special needs.

He is also responsible for reviewing and analyzing current and proposed public policy as a means to strengthen systemic change within charter school boards, as well as conducting studies on statewide entities, laws, and education innovation as a means to craft and improve strategic development purposes.

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