Yair Dabush on the Difficulty of Making Money Online

Everyone wants to make money online, whether it is a teenager or a grown man with a family and a job. There is something very appealing about doing something on your computer and earning money from it.  

Many people believe they have to be tech-savvy to be able to generate income online, but it is not true, no one started as a professional, and it took time to get to where they are right now, it is like any other job, you go to university, learn for a couple of years and get a degree, making money online is no different.

Influential Tips From Those Who Have Made It

We asked Yair Dabush, a 22-year-old Israeli Youtuber and entrepreneur who started at a young age what he thinks about the topic and he said:

– Yes, many people do believe it is too hard to make money online, and there are also people who believe it is supposed to be very easy yet they can’t make any money. 

This is why the demand for courses on how to make money online is very high at the moment because instead of trying to figure out everything by themselves or by browsing Google, they just pay a one-time fee to access everything they need to know about in the field they are interested in. 

The Power of eCommerce & Dropshipping

– Most beginners start with Dropshipping which is a form of retail business where the seller makes a website and sells stuff he does not own at a higher price than normal, and when a customer makes an order, they order it from another site with the customer’s name and address.  

This is a mistake. Dropshipping is very hard because you need to be very experienced in eCommerce, website building, and social media marketing, one mistake and you will definitely lose money, everything needs to be perfect.

Utilizing Social Media & Marketing

– I would recommend learning how to use Facebook Ad Manager perfectly and how to optimize ads before doing anything related to dropshipping and affiliate marketing. And when you feel like you are ready to start creating ads, budget them for a small amount of money at first, see how they convert, and then start scaling. 

We believe you should practice something you love to do, so we would recommend experiencing every major method of making money online, and seeing what is giving you the most enjoyment and of course, the most profit before setting on one method.

To Summarize

Some of them include Dropshipping, Affiliate marketing, Starting a blog on a topic you love, Writing and publishing an eBook, Buy and sell domain names & websites, Start a Youtube channel. Love taking photos? Sell them on sites like Getty Images. 

Just remember, you need to have patience and time because the money won’t come straight away.

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