YODEZEEN Architects: Global Presence for Talented Business

Founded in 2010, award-winning company YODEZEEN architects has gone from strength to strength since it arrived onto the scene. We find out all about the business and how its vision has turned into a reality following remarkable growth.

Stunning growth and global presence

For most businesses, developing a strong local presence is the mission.

But award-winning architectural and interior design studio YODEZEEN architects is different to most and has built up an impressive global presence.

Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev founded the studio in 2010 with the intention of developing a conceptual approach in design and architecture – and it now has over 800 projects worldwide with offices in Kyiv, Moscow, Milan, Miami and Los Angeles.

But amid the remarkable growth since the company was launched, those in charge have remained committed and determined to ensuring the standards have not dropped in any way, shape or form.

The studio is distinguished by high-quality design, along with international experience, and is well-known in the residential and commercial real estate sectors.

Valuable lessons

But, of course, since the business launched more than a decade ago, many crucial lessons have been learned along the way. It is those lessons which have helped to ensure that the business has continued to strengthen, while delivering for all of its clients.

When the business started, the team had nothing: no contracts, no team, no office. 

They were just young guys — dreamers who wanted to create an outstanding design. 

Eleven years have passed, and they remain as dreamers, but now they have a good base and history behind them. And looking back, they understand that dreams may lead them anywhere.

It is that belief to invest in a dream which has enabled the team to turn their ambitious vision into a reality.

In today’s world, it is common for people to give up on their dreams and instead settle for an unsatisfying job. This can be for a range of reasons – including losing their desire and determination. a reluctance to take risks that could propel them towards their dream, or perhaps because they wish to have the security that comes with a standard job.

However, for the team in charge of YODEZEEN this was never an option. The guys have refused to settle and instead put all of their efforts into the business – and their sacrifices have certainly paid off as they got the rewards they deserved.

Laser-like focus 

Artem and Artur were 20 when they both graduated in architecture and, as teenagers, they knew where they were going to study, and they were right. 

Many architects opening their own business gradually retire, but they always want to be involved in the creative and technical processes.

It was not only their vision and desire to succeed which was extremely impressive, it was also their laser-like focus on a specific goal which has been key.

The talented duo believe in perfection. That is why they provoke aesthetics to engage with colors, textures, materials and solutions to create a perfect match. 

As an architectural and interior design studio, they are well versed in architecture, interior design (residential & commercial) and custom joinery.

Furthermore, their team thought up a term when speaking about style and approving every detail: to be ‘the very YODEZEEN’. A unique phrase for a unique business.

While the company has already achieved an exceptional amount of growth since it launched in 2010, one thing is for sure: it has no intention to take its foot off the pedal. More success will, without a doubt, be on the way.

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