How Cindy Tran Turned Her Fitness Hobby into an 900k Instagram Following

Cindy Tran’s goal is to help others live physically and mentally healthy lives. She is making her goal a reality – with 890,000 people following along on her main Instagram, and 34,500 on her fitness instagram.

Of course, it wasn’t always that way. Cindy started her Instagram with zero followers, just like everyone else. Let’s dive into her story and find out how she got to where she is today.

Where She Started

Cindy says fitness became a huge part of her life in high school. A native Arizonian, she moved cities from Gilbert to Tucson. When she found herself in a new city without any friends or connections, she decided to pour herself into fitness and working out. Cindy is first generation American. She credits this aspect of her background for creating experiences that really pushed her to work on her charisma. She says being first generation has really taught her the drive and passion needed to succeed in her field.

In 2016, Cindy created her Instagram. She began sharing her fitness journey with her followers. People responded well to Cindy, whose positivity shines through every post. She has kept her followers around by being truly, authentically herself. She focuses on setting a good example for others, showing off her healthy lifestyle. As an all natural fitness influencer, she encourages others to love the body they are in. She shows her followers how to shape their bodies naturally with fitness.

890K Followers and Growing

A huge turning point for Cindy happened in college. She had received the Obama scholarship at Arizona State University, and was on her path to a degree. Yet, she knew something was missing and a traditional college path wasn’t what she wanted. By this point, she had amassed a large following on Instagram and knew she could make a living out of it. So, she dropped out of college and moved to Miami, where she resides currently. Cindy followed her gut and is now living out her dream as a fitness trainer and social media influencer. Cindy says that one of the quotes that inspires her most is from Dianne von Furstenberg: “You are the one that possesses the keys to your being. You carry the passport to your own happiness.” Cindy has used this advice time and time again, as motivation to continue toward her goals.

What’s Next

While Cindy is certainly happy with what she’s accomplished, she isn’t one to get too content. She says that when people tell her that she inspires them, it drives her to keep pushing. Cindy knows that hard work is what has gotten her to where she is today, and she plans to continue with the same work ethic. She is currently working on building her own fitness empire, which focuses on positivity, dedication, and beauty – both inside, and out. She is off to a great start, with a line of squat-proof leggings which you can see her modeling in her workout videos. Cindy loves to travel, and looks forward to seeing as much for the world as she can in the future. A personal goal for Cindy is to visit Vietnam, where her family is from, with her siblings.

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